When to Use Overnight Retinol Repair

We all know that Overnight Retinol Repair is a night time treatment but do you know at which point in your night time regimen tumblr_inline_nw3duuxFS31tn1oy5_500it should be used or when you should start using it? We answer some frequently asked questions on when to use our new Overnight Retinol Repair.

When should I start using Overnight Retinol Repair?

As we age, our skin goes through structural changes that affect its appearance. Sun exposure, lifestyle habits and internal factors all lead to the key biochemical reactions that trigger skin aging, which manifests as wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation and dehydration.

Amazingly, these signs start to appear as early as our 20s, when production of collagen (which keeps skin firm) and elastin (which keeps skin bouncing back), begins to falter. Cell renewal gradually slows, and skin begins to lose its youthful glow and texture.

Overnight Retinol Repair is formulated to treat and prevent these sign of skin ageing and can be incorporated into your skin routine from as early as your 20s.

Visit your nearest skin bar or stockist for a complimentary FaceMapping Analysis to determine whether Overnight Retinol Repair is right for you.

At what point in my night time regimen do I apply Overnight Retinol Repair?

For best results, Overnight Retinol Repair should be used after cleansing and toning, but prior to moisturising (unless you are mixing it with Buffer Cream during initial use). It is recommended to avoid any highly-active moisturisers, instead opt for one of our grey line moisturisers such as Intensive Moisture Balance, Active Moist orSkin Smoothing Cream.

Using Overnight Retinol Repair in conjunction with other targeted treatment products is also not recommended; however, you may use other treatment products on alternate nights.

Should I use Overnight Retinol Repair every night?

tumblr_inline_nw3dviJCz11tn1oy5_500You may use this product every night however it is highly recommended that you use Overnight Retinol Repair on alternating nights when you first start using it. We also strongly suggest using Overnight Retinol Repair with the Buffer Cream 2-3 times a week for the first two weeks to help your skin adapt to the potent Retinol therapy. You can also alternate Overnight Retinol Repair with other targeted treatments at night, such as PowerBright TRx Pure Bright Serum or Overnight Repair Serum.

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